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AEG 97019 LL 10.0A fast car battery charger, smart charging + flat battery recovery £45.90

Been looking for a car battery charger and didn't realise there were so many options to think about! Some do trickle charge only, some can only charge small batteries or particular types of batteries and may not work with start/stop cars. 

This is the only one that seems to be able to charge any kind of battery such as wet batteries, lead-acid (liquid electrolyte),  gel, AGM, and maintenance-free batteries. If your car has start-stop technology then this is fine for that too.

You charge a flat car battery to full capacity and will automatically switch to a trickle-charge to prevent it from over-charging. I'm not sure if you can jump start from this but will give it a go and see what happens. For £45, it's a bargain.

I also liked that it was made by AEG who make some high quality stuff.


  • LED Display (charging progress in %, charging current, Volt, errors)
  • Intelligent 8-stage automatic charging cycle
  • Comprehensive battery care: fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled diagnosis, rescue charging and maintenance function
  • Rescue function, especially for exhaustively discharged batteries, already activates at 1.5 V
  • For all standard 12 and 24 V car batteries
  • Connection: comfort connection with ring lugs  and all-insulated clamps
  • No damage to the sensitive on-board electronics
  • Effective charging current: 10.000 mA
  • Recommended for batteries up to 200 Ah
  • Operating voltage: 230 V alternating current