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Hitman The Complete First Season PS4

Really good game and a lot of content for the price. Has PS4 Pro enchantments option to play in 4k/30fps or 1440p/unlocked frame rate and also has HDR option.



  • Episdoe 1: Base Game
  • Episode 2: Sapienza
  • Episode 3: Marrakesh
  • Episode 4: Bangkok
  • Episode 5: Colorado
  • Episode 6: Hokkaido
  • 7th Episode (Paris Rework, Sapienza Rework, Marrakesh Rework).

As Agent 47, you perform contract hits on high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world.There is a world beyond ours. Beyond nations, justice, ethics. It never sleeps. It exists everywhere. And once you enter....there is no going back. Welcome to the World of Assassination. You are Agent 47, the world's ultimate assassin.