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Grill Circle lets you cook healthy, tasty meals for the whole family on one, easy-to-use, super-non-stick worktop grill.

PLUS, it also has a flat hotplate built-in for heating saucepans, steaming veg or directly cooking food like eggs and light, tasty omelettes, allowing you to create complete meals, full of flavour, but with so much less fat, grease and oil!


With Grill Circle your fantasy food becomes a healthier, everyday reality as easily as flicking a switch.

  • The healthy way to grill for the whole family
  • Raised griddle bars create delicious, ‘steakhouse’ results
  • Integrated flat hotplate zone for complete-meal cooking
  • Non-stick surface for ‘contact-grilling’ with less fat or oil
  • Removable drip tray catches all the oil and fat for easy cleaning
  • Quick to set up and heat up!
  • 5 heat settings for total control and perfect results