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Hamleys Baby Ball Zone.

Boys and girls go crazy for ball pits but trying to recreate the magic at home can be tricky, to say the least! Fed up of finding plastic balls all over the garden and under the sofa, cumbersome tubs or play time being confined to the summer?

Well allow us to present to you the Hamleys Baby Ball Zone...This colourful piece of genius has been cleverly designed with an easy-fold mesh so that play time is both safe and easy to tidy away afterwards!

Hamleys Baby Ball Zone includes 50 brightly coloured balls and is suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

Calinou Crying & Wetting Doll, now down to just £17.50!

ndulge their imagination, with Calinou. Calinou Dolls are a beautifully detailed traditional childrens doll range with a collection of gorgeous and high quality accessories to match.

The real beauty of Calinou is in its exceptional attention to detail and realism.

Everything is crafted to the finest standards to make sure your child has a safe, enjoyable and imagination-enhancing experience.