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AsHappyAs Education makes choosing and finding a learning opportunities easy and enjoyable. There's no applications to complete or personal statements to make – instead course providers (including universities) will approach you with offers. By specifying your interests, you can compare the best courses from top education providers, study with whom you like best, and at a price that's right for you.

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Impartial guides and tutorials are created by experts and other people just like you.

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Based on your chosen subject, price, location and provider rating.

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Throughout your course with our customer service team have got you covered if anything falls short of your expectations.

Tutorials, short courses and certifications

If you want to know how to do something quickly then tutorials and short courses are the perfect fit. Completing multiple short courses on a study path such as "Becoming a social media marketer" can lead to a recognised certification.

University diplomas and degrees

The days of having to having through lenghtly application processes to study a degree are over. With AsHappyAs Education, universities and colleges will approach you with offers based on your subject interests and previous experience. From online diplomas to full-time degrees, there is something for everyone.