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    Stop giving your money away to charities
  2. : Thoughts
    People in meetings usually have no idea what they're about
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    Everyone noticed the same strange thing about Ed Sheeran's Glastonbury set
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    3 ways in which my childhood screwed me up
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    London terrorist attacker Abz appeared in Channel 4 documentary
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    Types of flatmates you might have come across
  7. : Thoughts
    Trump was right to call for a ban on immigration from Muslim countries
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    Family road trips: expectation vs reality
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    A new Industrial Revolution is on the way that will end job security forever
  10. · KP : Thoughts
    North Korea fired 4 missiles towards Japan
  11. · UK : Thoughts
    Britain's biggest banks 'to leave early 2017'
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    Ben Stiller reveals he battled against prostate cancer two years ago
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    Simple grid lines can explain why certain cinematography is considered spectacular
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    Lyft reckons nobody will own a car by 2025
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    Does Hillary Clinton's health condition prove Obama will be the last US President?