1. · JP : Snippets
    Penguin dies by the side of a cardboard cutout he fell in love with
  2. : Snippets
    Bill Gates thinks the wealthiest 1% should pay for renewable energy and he's offering the first $2B
  3. : Snippets
    Someone has managed to cover 'Despacito' using 2 calculators
  4. · US : Snippets
    Student asks teacher if she can bring her dog to class and he responds perfectly
  5. · US : Snippets
    Fisherman catches an ultra rare transluscent lobster but lets it return to sea
  6. · US : Snippets
    US woman dies after laughing too much on holiday
  7. : Snippets
    Single Kim Kardashian message earns factory worker £5,000 a year
  8. · UK : Snippets
    Firemen who rescued piglets from burning barn receive unusual 'thank you' gifts
  9. · UK : Snippets
    Student makes disgusting discovery inside jar of curry paste
  10. · US : Snippets
    Mum asks if solar eclipse can be rescheduled as it conflicts with 'back to school' week
  11. : Snippets
    Brooklyn Beckham's latest tattoo has an embarassing error
  12. · RU : Snippets
    Drunk man tears off penis and testicles while climbing over fence
  13. : Snippets
    Mum tries to glue dead fly to her eyelids thinking they were fake lashes
  14. : Snippets
    When panoramic photography fails and ends up inviting the damned from hell
  15. · UK : Snippets
    Woman uses cunning plan to 'steal' bicycle from thief