1. : News
    US suspends visa processing in Turkey
  2. · AE : News
    British man facing three years in jail for drinking in Dubai
  3. : News
    North Korea hacked US-South Korea plans to murder Kim Jong-un earlier this year
  4. : News
    Microsoft's Windows Phone is officially dead
  5. : News
    Dove soap use racist advert on social media
  6. · DK : News
    Denmark is the next European country to ban traditional Islamic wear
  7. · US : News
    Rapper Nelly arrested under alleged rape charges
  8. : News
    Jackie Chan has confirmed that Rush Hour 4 is happening
  9. : News
    Hugh Hefner’s cause of death has been revealed
  10. · US : News
    50 dead after mass shooting at music concert crowd in Las Vegas
  11. : News
    Trump has no idea how to deal with North Korea
  12. · UK : News
    Uber will not be able to operate in London after September
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    James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will be back for Terminator 6
  14. · IN : News
    Indian TV soap opera is cancelled after child marriage scenes outrage viewers
  15. · IN : News
    Chinese shoes packaged in India's national flag boxes causes uproar