Owen Miller
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Drunken pilot leaves more than 100 passengers stranded at airport

A Portugal airline has apologised for keeping more than 100 passengers stranded at Stuttgart airport in Germany because of a drunken pilot.

Shortly before the TAP Air Portugal flight was due to take off to Lisbon on Friday night, an airport employee noticed the pilot walking unsteadily and smelling of alcohol.

Immediately he informed airport authorities, who decided to keep the plane on the ground.

Police found the pilot in a “highly drunken condition” when they entered the cockpit on Friday evening.

The pilot's flying licence was immediately suspended and he was fined £9,000 ($13,000 USD / ₹8.7 lakhs)

All 106 passengers were put up at hotels overnight and passengers would only be able to fly to Lisbon on Monday, "which is, at the moment, the first day with seats available".