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Get a health appointment near you at the touch of a button. New appointments released every minute, every day.

AsHappyAs Health is a new way of getting seen by health professionals quickly and easily. Everyday dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, and podiatrists/chriopractors are available to give you an appointment without having to be a registered patient.

Simple, flexible

Enter your area code to be seen by a health professional on the same day.

See the price before you book

We'll show you the estimated price before you book. No surprises.

Stay safe and secrure

See your health worker's photo and practice details when you request an appointment. Our trust and safety team have you covered.

Happy patients, happy professionals

Book with us and you'll see why 90% of appointments end with five star ratings.

Work when you want

When you see patients with AsHappyAs Health you are free to choose which appointments you make available. You're in control.

Tap a button and get seen

No phone calls to make, no need to be a registered patient.

You rate, we listen

Rate your experience and provide anonymous feedback about the booking. Your input helps us make every appointment better than before.