Well that's certainly one way to watch your team.

What do you do if you can’t go watch your team play because you’ve been banned from the stadium? You could turn on the television and hope that their game is televised or you could have done a fake moustache, trench coat, hat and watch a game.

Alternatively, you could do what one Turkish football fan did and hire an entire crane to watch the game.

The man - known by his nickname Yumuk Ali - a supporter of Denizlispor - did not reveal exactly why he had been given a stadium ban - has reportedly rented a crane to watch his team from outside the ground.

As can be seen in these photos, the man looks on top of the world with two Denizlispor flags, one in his hand and one draped over the front of the crane.

The man cheers on his team as fans within the stadium noticed the stunt and cheered him on in return.

Sadly for the fan, the crane was later dropped by local police forces.

And it certainly was money well spent for the fan of the TFF First League team, as the Roosters ran out 5-0 winners against their opposition.